Did you know that there are over

5 000

identities and sexual orientations ?

It’s time to mint your metaverse gender.




What is a NFT ?

A NFT is short for «Non-Fungible Token». It is a unique and non-interchangeable unit of data stored in the blockchain state for ever, a true certificate of authenticity and proof of ownership, which you can sell, buy, and transfer without the need for a middleman entity or service.

NFT collections allow art to reach a whole new state, thanks to blockchain technology, of which you are a direct contributor !

Who are we and why have we made a LGBTQ+ flags NFT collection ?

We are a team of LGBTQ+ and LGBTQ+ friendly crypto-enthusiasts, with the goal to make our voices heard in a world where we have been silenced for too long.

NFTs are getting more and more popular every day and tend to be one of the revolutions of the decade. We want this to be an opportunity to empower the LGBTQ+ and LGBTQ+ friendly people all around the world by allowing them to show we exist more than ever.

Why should I get one ?

It is your entry ticket to a brand new marketplace where you can buy, sell, or keep preciously your flag (but you will probably still receive offers) !

It directly support LGBTQ+ community by giving all of us more visibility and allow oppressed minorities to be more powerful against an economy made for straight white males.

This is an opportunity to choose

We are a charity project, our goal is to give back to LGBTQ+ friendly projects, but we won’t decide without you.

That’s why we also created a specific DAO token, the LGBToken. 98% of the total token supply (25 000 000) is automatically distributed among the first 50% NFT buyers, if you become one of them, 10 000 LGBToken will be sent to your Ethereum address with your NFT.

This brand new token will allow you to vote for the LGBTQ+ project of your choice, wherever it’s located in the world !
We know how hard it is to start that kind of project, and it’s even hard in countries where being a minority is basically illegal.

Thanks to that new decentralized currency, it will be faster, easier and safer to raise funds for those who need it.

Join the community

Join our beloved community on Discord. Chat, share and spread love !

You can make our voices heard by following us on Twitter and spreading the word !

If you have a project which aim to support LGBTQ+ community, please reach us, we’ll create you a special place within our community !




Get your metaverse gender

We are aware of issues using iOS/Android browser : If the buttons are not working for you, try using Firefox or Chrome on a computer.

You can also call the mint() function directly by Etherscan on our contract address.

Step 1 : Connect with your wallet using Metamask

Step 2 : How many NFT do you want to mint ?

Step 3 : Mint !

You will also receive 10 000 LGBToken by NFT if you are in the first 50% to mint.